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What Our Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 Tutoring Provides:

Working with our Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 Tutors provides purpose, structure, and motivation. Choose from our test banks of thousands of problems for Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 created by experts in the field. Get immediate feedback, pinpoint your areas of weakness, prepare for exams, track your improvements, and analyze your homework and exam results – from working with us. We cover all levels of Algebra including PreAlgebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, College Algebra

"Our kids benefitted very much with the tutoring. He is very patient and explains the concepts well in detail. He comes home which was a huge relief for us and is also very flexible and very supportive. He is always there on time and texts us if there are any changes with the schedule. He is also very supportive during exams and is always giving kids extra material for practice.

We have and would highly recommend Gary for High School and College math, chemistry and Physics."

Malini Srinivasan

Algebra Tutoring

Do you know the answer to this Algebra question?
The Chunnel connects the United Kingdom and France by a railway tunnel under the English Channel. The British started tunneling 2.5 months before the French and averaged 0.63 kilometers per month. The French averaged 0.47 kilometers per month. When the two sides met, they had tunneled 37.9 kilometers. How many kilometers of tunnel did each country build? If the French started tunneling on February 28, 1988, approximately when did the two sides meet?


Expert Algebra tutoring builds life long success in mastering all levels of math.

An expert algebra tutor helps to build a solid foundation. Get help from our top algebra tutors in the Cupertino, Saratoga, Los Gatos, Sunnyvale, Los Altos, Santa Clara, Palo Alto and San Jose area. At South Bay Learning Academy our work includes Prealgebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and College Level Algebra.

It is absolutely crucial that a middle or high school student get a solid education in algebra. The 1:1 attention from an algebra tutor can yield the adaptation to the child's unique learning style that only algebra tutoring can provide.

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Algebra is the first step in mathematics where students are forced to tackle more abstract thinking, and this is where our algebra tutors shine. Having the steps explained by an algebra tutor can clarify and solidify material that was hazy in class. Algebra tutors can help with the difficulties of solving equations, factoring, distributing, graphing, the quadratic formula, etc.

Most of the students we work with that come to us for algebra tutoring remain successful with math tutoring throughout high school and college. They continue with their algebra tutor into geometry, precalculus and calculus tutoring. Our expertise allows us to handle these more advanced levels along with algebra levels normally encountered in middle school or high school.

When working with us on your Algebra the benefits you will experience are:

  • Acquire excellent proficiency in Algebra content with long term retention
  • Improve your exam and test scores, ultimately grades by my method of getting yourself into the zone
  • Master methods for solving all levels of problem complexity
  • Get the exam edge by working challenging problems in your Algebra
  • Know what equations and formulas to use
  • Structure an effective study plan to acquire all the "hard skills" and "soft skills" you'll need to succeed in your classes
  • Enjoy less stress, with In-home sessions on your schedule, no driving needed
  • Build speed and perfect your pacing
  • Train your brain to get into "the zone" when learning, in class, taking exams
  • Improve test performance by learning strategies for exams and
  • Eliminate careless error
  • Build confidence in the Algebra which will translate to long term success in your math
  • Reduce study time by use of effective accelerated learning approaches
  • Determine your strengths and weakness in math, increase your skills in all those areas
  • Learn the Algebra knowledge you need to score higher on exams
  • Get started today and contact us to start your success in Algebra.

    Get started today and contact us to start your success in Algebra.

    We have extensive experience with the Algebra curriculum including these schools:

    Algebra Archbishop Mitty High School
    Algebra Bellarmine High School
    Algebra Cupertino High School
    Algebra DeAnza College
    Algebra Foothill College
    Algebra Fremont High School
    Algebra Gunn High School
    Algebra Homestead High School
    Algebra Kings Academy

    Algebra Los Altos High School
    Algebra Los Gatos High School
    Algebra Lynbrook High School
    Algebra Mission College Santa Clara
    Algebra Monta Vista High School
    Algebra Mountain View High School
    Algebra Palo Alto High School
    Algebra Presentation High School
    Algebra Prospect High School

    Algebra Saint Francis High School
    Algebra San Jose State
    Algebra Santa Clara University
    Algebra Saratoga High School
    Algebra UC Berkeley
    Algebra Valley Christian High School
    Algebra Westmont High School
    Algebra West Valley College