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What Our Calculus Tutoring Provides:

Working with our AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC Tutors provides purpose, structure, and motivation. Choose from our test banks of thousands of problems for AP Calculus created by experts in the field. Get immediate feedback, pinpoint your areas of weakness, prepare for exams, track your improvements, and analyze your homework and exam results – from working with us. We cover all levels of Calculus including Calculus, AP Calculus AB , AP Calculus BC and College Calculus

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You are 3x more likely to improve your grades and achieve your goals with a personalized AP Calculus Tutor


"Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will get you everywhere"
Albert Einstein


“Gary is a wonderful teacher and a very knowledgeable about the subjects he teach. He is always on time and is extra prepared to ensure that the student gets the most out of the session. He goes the extra mile to check the teacher website, looks at previous years question formats and refer multiple text books to support the sessions. We really liked that fact that Gary never hurries or judges, but is always encouraging to the student. We used the services of Gary for almost 3 years and never had reason to regret our decision. His support was crucial in our son scoring 5 in his AP Calculus Examination. We are very grateful to Gary for his support and inspiration and would not hesitate to recommend him."

Taken from Monta Vista High School Parent Bini M.


Calculus is one of the greatest mathematical breakthroughs. Without it, we wouldn't have spaceflight, skyscrapers, jet planes....

Indeed, calculus is so useful and so diverse that it enables you to view problems as solvable. And the process of turning a problem over in your mind, choosing an approach, and then working through a solution teaches you to think clearly.This is why calculus is so crucial for improving your cognitive skills and why it is a prerequisite for admission to most top universities.

The difficult curricula and demanding testing requirements of calculus classes call for an expert calculus tutor. Going beyond the textbook and beyond the notes, our expert calculus tutors explain concepts in new ways and how to solve problems from new angles.

Some calculus tutors get hung up on the details, and are often as confused by the tutoring as the student! But our calculus tutors are different. They use their expertise and experience to quickly identify the specific problems a student has, and then focus on what is important: improving test performance, mastering the problem archetypes, eliminating careless errors, and building confidence.

Improve test performance. Master the problem archetypes. Eliminate careless errors. Build confidence.

Calculus classes present difficult test taking experiences, and our calculus tutors address this hurdle first. An expert calculus tutor first ensures that you understand the best way to solve each of the typical types of problems - the "problem archetypes." Your calculus tutor will also demonstrate methods to catch mistakes as they happen, because there is rarely time to check over your work. These test-taking techniques replace anxiety with confidence - now you have a concrete plan for success.

An expert calculus tutor knows the material inside and out and doesn't get stuck on the problems. The initial trouble with calculus or its prerequisites is the combination of algebra background, procedural mechanics, and conceptual understanding that is necessary. Many calculus tutors get hung up on the details themselves, and are often as confused by the calculus tutoring as the calculus student is. Our calculus tutors use their expertise and experience to quickly identify where exactly the hang ups are occurring, without wasting time. What's more, you won't find us getting stuck on the problems, leaving more time to devote to what is important: tutoring calculus for you.

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We have extensive experience with the AP Calculus curriculum including these schools:

AP Calculus Archbishop Mitty High School
AP Calculus Bellarmine High School
AP Calculus Cupertino High School
AP Calculus DeAnza College
AP Calculus Foothill College
AP Calculus Fremont High School
AP Calculus Gunn High School
AP Calculus Homestead High School
AP Calculus Kings Academy

AP Calculus Los Altos High School
AP Calculus Los Gatos High School
AP Calculus Lynbrook High School
AP Calculus Mission College Santa Clara
AP Calculus Monta Vista High School
AP Calculus Mountain View High School
AP Calculus Palo Alto High School
AP Calculus Presentation High School
AP Calculus Prospect High School

AP Calculus Saint Francis High School
AP Calculus San Jose State
AP Calculus Santa Clara University
AP Calculus Saratoga High School
AP Calculus UC Berkeley
AP Calculus Valley Christian High School
AP Calculus Westmont High School
AP Calculus West Valley College