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What Our Geometry Tutoring Provides:

Working with our Geometry Tutors provides purpose, structure, and motivation. Choose from our test banks of thousands of problems for Geometry created by experts in the field. Get immediate feedback, pinpoint your areas of weakness, prepare for exams, track your improvements, and analyze your homework and exam results – from working with us. We cover all levels of Geometry including Enriched Geometry, Honors Geometry, and Advanced Geometry

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"J. got an A+ with 98.41% results on her final exam and for her overall grades in Geometry for this year she got an A! Thank you for helping with her Geometry. We would like to continue with her preparations for her Algebra 2 next year."

Los Gatos High School Parent

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Expert Geometry tutoring builds lifelong success in mastering all levels of math.

Connecting geometrical concepts includes linking new theorems and ideas to previous ones. This helps you see geometry as a unified body of knowledge whose concepts build upon one another. And you should be able to connect these concepts to appropriate real-world applications.

Whether you're playing a game of Tetris or piloting a spaceship, you're using principles of geometry to guide your decision-making.

It is absolutely crucial that a middle or high school student get a solid education in geometry. The 1:1 attention from an expert Geometry tutor can adapt to your child's unique learning style

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We have extensive experience with the Geometry curriculum including these schools:

Geometry Archbishop Mitty High School
Geometry Bellarmine High School
Geometry Cupertino High School
Geometry DeAnza College
Geometry Foothill College
Geometry Fremont High School
Geometry Gunn High School
Geometry Homestead High School
Geometry Kings Academy

Geometry Los Altos High School
Geometry Los Gatos High School
Geometry Lynbrook High School
Geometry Mission College Santa Clara
Geometry Monta Vista High School
Geometry Mountain View High School
Geometry Palo Alto High School
Geometry Presentation High School
Geometry Prospect High School

Geometry Saint Francis High School
Geometry San Jose State
Geometry Santa Clara University
Geometry Saratoga High School
Geometry UC Berkeley
Geometry Valley Christian High School
Geometry Westmont High School
Geometry West Valley College