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"One of the things that helped me most was Gary’s flexibility. I remember once I had a quiz in AP Chemistry and I did not understand an important concept. Though it was 10 P.M., I was able to call Gary and he explained the concept to me, enabling me to do well on the quiz.!"

Saratoga High School AP Chemistry Student

Physics Tutoring

Waves and Optics
Wave motion (including sound) , Traveling waves, Wave propagation, Standing waves, Superposition, Physical optics, Interference and diffraction, Dispersion of light and the electromagnetic spectrum, Geometric optics, Reflection and refraction, Mirrors, Lenses

Atomic and Nuclear Physics
Atomic physics and quantum effects, Photons, the photoelectric effect, Compton scattering, x-rays, Atomic energy levels, Wave-particle duality, Nuclear physics , Nuclear reactions (including conservation of mass number and charge), Mass–energy equivalence

Electricity and Magnetism

Our Physics Tutoring includes all topics covered in Physics, Honors Physics, AP Physics B, Physics C and College Level 1st year Physics. Below are the topics

Physics Mechanics Topics
Newtonian Mechanics , Newton’s First Law, Newton’s Second Law, Newton’s Third Law, Newton's laws of motion: Kinematics, components of vectors, coordinate systems, displacement, velocity, and acceleration), Motion in one dimension, Motion in two dimensions, including projectile motion, Falling objects, Newton’s laws of motion: Static equilibrium Dynamics of a single particle , Systems of two or more objects, Force, Acceleration, Work, energy, power, Work and work–energy theorem , Forces and potential energy, Conservation of energy , Power , Systems of particles, linear momentum, Center of mass, Impulse and momentum , Conservation of linear momentum, , collisions, Circular motion and rotation , Uniform circular motion , Torque and rotational statics, Rotational kinematics and dynamics ,Angular momentum and its conservation, Oscillations and gravitation, Simple harmonic motion (dynamics and energy relationships), Mass on a spring , Pendulum and other oscillations, Newton’s law of gravity, Orbits of planets and satellites, Circular, General

Physics Mechanics Topics Electricity and Magnetism
Electrostatics, Charge and Coulomb’s law, Electric field and electric potential (including point charges), Gauss’s law, Fields and potentials of other charge distributions, Conductors, capacitors, dielectrics, Electrostatics with conductors, Capacitors, Capacitance, Parallel plate, Spherical and cylindrical, Dielectrics, Electric circuits, Current, resistance, power, Steady-state direct current circuits with batteries and resistors only, Capacitors in circuits, Steady state , Transients in rc circuits, Magnetic Fields 4% 20%, Forces on moving charges in magnetic fields, Forces on current-carrying wires in magnetic fields, Fields of long current-carrying wires, Biot–Savart law and Ampere’s law, Electromagnetism, Electromagnetic induction (including Faraday’s law and Lenz’s law), Inductance (including lr and lc circuits) , Maxwell’s equations

Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Physics
Fluid Mechanics, Hydrostatic pressure, Buoyancy, Fluid flow continuity, Bernoulli’s equation, Temperature and heat, Mechanical equivalent of heat, Heat transfer and thermal expansion , Kinetic theory and thermodynamics, Ideal gases, Kinetic model, Ideal gas law, Laws of thermodynamics, First law (including processes on pV diagrams), Second law (including heat engines)

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We have extensive experience with the Physics curriculum including these schools:

Physics Archbishop Mitty High School
Physics Bellarmine High School
Physics Cupertino High School
Physics DeAnza College
Physics Foothill College
Physics Fremont High School
Physics Gunn High School
Physics Homestead High School
Physics Kings Academy

Physics Los Altos High School
Physics Los Gatos High School
Physics Lynbrook High School
Physics Mission College Santa Clara
Physics Monta Vista High School
Physics Mountain View High School
Physics Palo Alto High School
Physics Presentation High School
Physics Prospect High School

Physics Saint Francis High School
Physics San Jose State
Physics Santa Clara University
Physics Saratoga High School
Physics UC Berkeley
Physics Valley Christian High School
Physics Westmont High School
Physics West Valley College