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What Our Physics Tutoring Provides:

Working with our Physics Tutors provides purpose, structure, and motivation. Choose from our test banks of thousands of problems for Physics created by experts in the field. Get immediate feedback, pinpoint your areas of weakness, prepare for exams, track your improvements, and analyze your homework and exam results – from working with us. We cover all levels of Physics including Honors Physics, SAT II Physics, AP Physics, and College Physics

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"Our kids benefitted very much with the tutoring. He is very patient and explains the concepts well in detail. He comes home which was a huge relief for us and is also very flexible and very supportive. He is always there on time and texts us if there are any changes with the schedule. He is also very supportive during exams and is always giving kids extra material for practice.

We have and would highly recommend Gary for High School and College math, chemistry and Physics."

Malini Srinivasan

"We feel so lucky to have been able to work with Gary. As a parent, you want someone who is going to help your child succeed, but also help to strive to gain the confidence to feel successful. Gary, went above and beyond to help our son with his AP Physics and Honors Trig/Precalc. His professionalism, flexibility and on-going support of our son, was exemplary. His knowledge of the material and ability to convey it, was so reassuring, and we never had to worry that our son wouldn’t be prepared. We look forward to working with him again in the near future!"

Debbie B., Los Gatos High School Parent
AP Physics and Honors Trig/Precalc

Does physics sometimes seem puzzling?

Things like: Why does a curve ball curve? Why does ice float? What keeps you from falling off a moving bicycle? Why don't your legs break when you jump off a chair? When will a falling object hit the ground? How about things like projectile motion, circular motion, work, energy, electromagnetism, or optics?

Do you have trouble knowing where to start, what equations to use, and what figures to draw? Physics is one of the core fundamental sciences, and it explains so much in our world, but it can be extremely difficult to understand, especially during tests.

Our tutoring approach emphasizes understanding concepts at a deep level, breaking problems down into manageable steps, and making sure that the strategies are applicable when the tutor isn't there.

We will equip you with a whole new set of tools beyond pure mathematics. We help you understand essential concepts, rational problem solving, identifying and sketching accurate force diagrams, and being able to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information.

Start improving your physics aptitude and test scores today. Ready to get started? Simply fill out the contact form to learn how a Physics tutor is right for you.

Do you know the answer to this Physics question?
Interesting Math/Physics question for dog owners and others. A dog runs back and forth between its two owners, who are jogging toward one another. The dog starts running when the owners are 0.75 miles apart. If the dog runs with a speed of 12.0 mph, and the owners each jog with a speed of 3 mph , how far has the dog traveled when the owners meet?

relative velocity of two moving objects

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We have extensive experience with the Physics curriculum including these schools:

Physics Archbishop Mitty High School
Physics Bellarmine High School
Physics Cupertino High School
Physics DeAnza College
Physics Foothill College
Physics Fremont High School
Physics Gunn High School
Physics Homestead High School
Physics Kings Academy

Physics Los Altos High School
Physics Los Gatos High School
Physics Lynbrook High School
Physics Mission College Santa Clara
Physics Monta Vista High School
Physics Mountain View High School
Physics Palo Alto High School
Physics Presentation High School
Physics Prospect High School

Physics Saint Francis High School
Physics San Jose State
Physics Santa Clara University
Physics Saratoga High School
Physics UC Berkeley
Physics Valley Christian High School
Physics Westmont High School
Physics West Valley College