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What Our Statistics Tutoring Provides:

Working with our Statistics Tutors provides purpose, structure, and motivation. Choose from our test banks of thousands of problems for Statistics created by experts in the field. Get immediate feedback, pinpoint your areas of weakness, prepare for exams, track your improvements, and analyze your homework and exam results – from working with us. We cover all levels of Statistics including AP Statistics and College Statistics.


"Getting Gary’s help before helped me drastically reduce my test anxiety also helping me walk into a test with more confidence. Instead of cramming a days worth of work to finally meet with my school teacher after school and only get half of my questions answered in a hurry, I could rely on Gary to come over and answer all the questions I had either the night before the test or days before."

Krish A.
Cupertino High School Student

Who was/is the greatest baseball hitter of all time? How reliable is a poll is you hear about on the news? Which hospital has the best outcome for a given procedure?

These questions all involve statistics, as do a surprising number of other questions. Why is this important? Because many of the decisions we make in everyday life are based on statistics. Everyone has a general understanding of the principles of statistics, but it greatly helps to understand the concepts formally.

Here's our tutoring approach:

Since the key to statistics is mastering concepts, an expert tutor will teach you these concepts and how to apply them properly. They will teach you the fundamentals behind the formulas. Most importantly, a tutor will help you understand why statistics is central to current scientific methodology.

Because almost all of the principles that we follow are based on data and statistics, it will greatly help to understand the deeper meaning behind the numbers.

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Statistics Kings Academy

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